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'The magazine is going from strength to strength. It really is a high quality product; it looks terrific and contains such relevant information that it must be an indispensable reference guide for the parents which we are all trying to target.' – Tonbridge

'School House is an ideal way of reaching our target market – a high quality magazine, delivered to the people we most want to attract.' – Charterhouse

About School House Magazine


School House Magazine was launched in March 2007 to offer parents real insight into the world of independent education. Whether they already had children at public school, or were interested in educating them privately in future, School House offered a complete guide to the best in education, with features on all the best schools and all the latest educational trends.

'School House provides a valuable insight into the world of independent education for London parents seeking the best for their children.' – Wellesley House

School House has been published twice a year in Spring and Autumn since then, and has grown rapidly to become the market leader, packed with school reports, insightful articles and beautiful photography. On this website you will find an archive of our best features, and the facility to download back issues.

'This is the directory that we’ve all been waiting for – a goldmine for parents looking for schools and a rare opportunity for schools to hit just the right target audience. I’m not surprised that it has established itself so quickly as a ‘must’ for all the top schools.' – Hurtwood House


As well as old School House Magazine features there are also new ones to offer you insight into every part of your child’s education, from selecting the best educational aids to choosing a tutor and ensuring they revise productively for exams.

School House Magazine continues to go from strength to strength. Our latest issue is over 260 pages long and features 300 schools. If you would like to get School House Magazine delivered direct to your door twice a year, please click the file below to subscribe. London homes are eligible to subscribe for free. If you are interested in advertising your products, courses or educational establishment, please click here.

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